The Columbia University Buddhist Association (CUBA) seeks to provide Columbia students with the opportunity to meet regularly in a supportive group setting to practice meditation, discuss Buddhism, and develop friendships. There is a profound need for all of us to maintain a balance between the mind and the body. We believe we can help all Columbia students in the following ways:

  • Deal with stress and other negative states of mind in a productive manner
  • Learn about our negative states of mind through the lens of Buddhist teachings and practices
  • Foster compassion, loving joy, and equanimity in our daily lives

The Columbia Buddhist Association is a student organization that offers Columbia students the opportunity to learn practical techniques for self improvement. Students practice meditation to better manage their negative states of mind (such as anger, stress, and fear). By doing so, students enhance their ability to remain focused, relaxed, and clear-minded when confronted with difficult or stressful situations. 

Although the Columbia Buddhist Association will utilize Buddhist teachings, we are not a religious group in the sense of wanting individuals to convert to Buddhism. Additionally, we do not have support from a specific Buddhist temple. Instead, we have teachers who come from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, even Western traditions. We hope to support the entire Columbia University community in being more reflective and compassionate in our daily lives; we truly believe that this will foster a more equitable and just society!

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